Friday, June 29, 2018

Factors that can assist you in selecting the correct Hospital in India

In the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in the medical tourism in India. The medical cost, in Western countries, is so costly that people prefer travelling to other countries for their healthcare. With an increase in healthcare centres and hospitals around the world, there has been a rapid rise in the, Global Medical Tourism Services.

Healthcare Service Providers can help you select the right hospital; the key elements you need to look into are;

Premium quality and economical healthcare

In India, healthcare is affordable, compare to other countries.  For major treatments, such as, Pet CT scan, cancer surgeries, bone marrow transplant, renal transplant, liver transplant, heart surgery, hip replacement and knee replacement, the cost is low and the treatment is handled by medical personnel, who are highly qualified.

Well known Medical Experts

In India, we have so many doctors that selecting a doctor is tough. India is known to have brilliant doctors, who are extremely competent, to deal with the most exigent case. The doctors and hospital staff, provide personal care and a friendly environment.

 High tech technology and amenities

Most Hospitals in India are well equipped with all modern technology and equipments, not just to diagnose the medical problem, but to, also provide treatment. In India, most private hospitals provide facilities, such as, friendly atmosphere, good rooms, a personal caretaker, healthy food and many more.

Hospitals should be accredited with renowned institutions.

The main criterion, before selecting a hospital, is whether; the hospital is accredited with a renowned institution. Among the worldwide destinations for medical tourism, India stands second, for having maximum number of accredited hospitals, which clearly shows that most of the hospitals cater to medical and health tourism. Before selecting a hospital, make sure, the hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International   (JCI).

All other packages

Livonta Medical Tourism Services, in India offers hassle free healthcare. Medical Tourism companies, help in selecting the hospital, visa approval, planning your travel and your stay in a good hotel. They also provide a personal caretaker to assist you during your medical checkups, treatment and follow ups. Besides healthcare, they organise leisure trip for rejuvenation and rest. Also provides, a variety of options for payment.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Advantages of Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism, where people across the globe have the right, to look for medical treatment with, topmost quality and affordability, people are fine with travelling, to another country for medical treatment. 

India has huge potential, for attracting patients from all over the world, for their medical treatment. India is developing to be, an exceptional medical tourism destination that provides quality treatment and is economical, also known for other aspects, such as, good quality hospitals, prominent doctors, friendly staff and patient satisfaction.

Medical Tourism in India
Medical Tourism in India has been growing every year. According to Economic Times, ‘The Medical Tourism in India will witness growth from $3 billion to a projected target of $ 7-8 billion by the year 2020’.

Medical facilities in developed countries are much more expensive, especially, for patients with chronic ailments and who need to visit the hospital several times. Surgeries, such as, kidney transplant or heart surgery, have been attracting a lot of patients, from different parts of the world, to India every year, medical tourism in India will, make sure, patients return back to their country, pleased with the friendliness, caring attitude and professionalism of the medical staff.

India is also well known, for traditional treatments, which include herbs and for medicine, such as, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. Patients do not have access to such treatments in other countries. Medical Tourism in India has also started getting recognition for its dental care.

Livonta Global Medical Tourism Services ensures:

  • The cost of medical treatment is economical.
  • Maintains topmost quality as per International standards.
  • Availability of prominent doctors for major surgeries.
  • Up to date infrastructure
  • High tech medical instruments and facilities.
  • Proficiency of doctors in their specialised field.
  • Livonta Global Medical Tourism Services provide medical visa, accommodation and medical insurance.
  • Staff at the hospital is well trained, caring, friendly and can communicate in English fluently.
  • Also provides further assistance and follow up if required.

India Medical Tourism is also becoming popular for wellness practices, such as, Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda. India Medical Tourism is focusing on wellness practices, because people want to elongate their visit and learn about these traditional treatments, for healing and personal well being.